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Affiliate Marketing is one of the most cost effective and efficient forms of advertising. It is the concept of empowering other business websites to market your business to a new user base. It costs you nothing to place your advertising banners and links on another website (once they agree to become an affiliate!) It costs the affiliate nothing to advertise your business; they can only earn!

You pay these 'affiliates' a commission only once a sale or lead has been generated, and it's up to you how the commission is structured. You (the merchant) set the parameters. By incentivising affiliates on their performance, they will send far greater volumes of potential customers to your site.

There is huge potential to advertise; it is endless! Once you have set it up, it just grows exponentially. As long as the leads come in, the more you will be earning. Affiliate marketing is an incredibly inexpensive way to grow your business.

Achieving success when it comes to affiliate marketing requires careful planning from the outset as well as ongoing management throughout the campaign. At Neoob we have experience in managing affiliate campaigns that deliver results. Contact us to get your affiliate program off the ground; what have you got to lose?

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