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Neoob proposed development site for customers using neoPortal by Neoob's team, running on the platform PHP, MySQL Database for a number of the following:

* Is a multi-level information, the information is a port on the network value of practical best. With features separate management, the user rights to each detail features, module. The management features are built, research and development in accordance with even the normal users get familiar with new computer can be management.
Features are configured to the simple, friendly interface to users, the high customization, drag and drop layout of modules easy and convenient. Edit layout and configure the system easily, quickly.

* The content management system is developing improved, allowing upload content messages, images easily. Governance mechanism distributed (spot) allows editing message content in any area under any system when logging in to your account Admin.

* neoPortal can run on any Windows operating system, Linux, and appropriate for the Internet browser IE, Firefox, Opera, ...

* Mechanism security, encrypted password, username before saving to database

* Disadvantage when directly updating the data management and decentralization by members of the different levels

* neoPortal also supports database backup feature. Operation with a simple database services users will be backup regularly, good preparation of the data in the unexpected situations that affect the data.

* neoPortal support friendly editor with many features editor similar MS Word integrates with Vietnamese language, the count of visitors for the website and count hits each for the updated site.

* neoPortal allows displaying and updating many different file types:. Doc,. Xls,. Pdf, Flash, zip, rar, ...

* Support quick search on Google, Yahoo, Live Search, meta tags are customized easily support the keyword search.

CMS Portal

CMS Portal is a specialized solution for website information integrated and optimized many components of the service information technology integrated CMS Portal aims to provide a technology solution and professional strong, support effectively for the editing and updating information websites of organizations and enterprises.

Objects to use:

The personal desire to introduce information and exchanging knowledge

* Organizations, enterprises need to use channel information on the Internet website to provide information on organizations / enterprises, broadcast images, products - services, ...

* The state needs the channel to exchange information with people and businesses

Scope of application:

* Website with design and structure of individual
* Website information referral organization - business
* Website art, exhibitions, gallery
* Website information - Tourist Hotel
* ... and all areas to use information more ...

Scale applies:

* Can be used for website information to small-scale to the website information is very large volume.

* Appropriate and optimization for the website only provides information

Characteristics own CMS Portal solutions:

* Succession of powerful systems of information technology integration CMS Portal allow expansion and volume information is not limited.

* Member and managers can update information, remove information, set calendar information to appear, ... simply and quickly, to the management information completely updated active decision content where.

* Administrators fully active in changing the structure or layout information presented by the entire website simply without the need to equip more knowledge of IT.

* Integration of pre-optimization mechanism and display information specific to the search (search engines) known as Google, Yahoo, MSN, ... Also the administrator can proactively adapt, modify this information for each period and different purposes.

* Integration of the available rights and access control to allow the region to create information for partner or group work.

* Integrated pre-editing process information to automate the process of updating content, defined responsibilities.

* Integration of pre-stored traces and the content, allowing detection update history as well as restore (roll-back) from the older content.

* Integration available reports / statistics allows the administrator to find out the frequency and use of the information. At the same time integrating some available tool support for free (Google Sitemap and Google Analytics) to provide more information and measurement tools of the website.

* Allow run simultaneously with multiple Web content separately on the same system at the same time

* Allows customization interface displays the website domain name (domain) separately or as appropriate by individual users.

* Publish information for end users with standard RSS.

The services CMS Portal solutions:

* Management informatioCMS Portal / website template and display (skins / templates)

* Administration user information and access

* Content Management (CMS)

* Manage banner ads with photos, text (text) and media (video, Flash ...)

* Status access

* Management requirements

* Poll

* Menu customization of the context

* Read news automatically by RSS

* Search full text information in the whole portal content

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